Live Uniquely: An Open Letter on Life

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Quick Takes:

  • Treat everyday like it could be your last
  • Actively pursue learning experiences
  • Laugh, a lot, and make friends, a lot of them
  • Invest in yourself, whether that be travel, business or otherwise
  • Be happy

I’m not perfect, let’s get that out of the way. But neither are you, let’s also get that out of the way. No one’s perfect. Imperfection, then, should be celebrated. It’s the core of who we are as people. Quirks are what make us.

Live uniquely, because, by definition, you have to. There isn’t a blueprint for life, other than to define your happiness and pursue it with a vengeance. This means that there are as many “life plans” as there are people in the world. What makes one person happy doesn’t mean it will make you happy, but it could. Ask people about their happiness. Figure out what drives them, and find your own happiness by helping other people find theirs.

Treat every day like it was your last, because, by definition, it very well could be. However, this isn’t a license for stupidity. It’s a commentary on the time we’re allotted here on Earth, and the need to maximize that time. Maximize your time. How can you derive the most value out of this minute, this hour, this day? Do that thing.

Celebrate the fact that you’re here, that we’re all here. Even if it’s gone tomorrow, be glad that it was here today.

Look on the bright side. Even when things don’t go according to plan, they do, as long as you believe it. Focus on the good, and treat the bad like a learning experience disguised as resistance, because the more it resists, the more you learn. Welcome the challenge.

Be selfish, so you can be selfless. No one’s ever been able to help others if they can't first help themselves. Get your life in order so you have the power and influence to get other lives in order. Don’t subscribe to the idea that money is bad. Money isn’t bad, it’s a magnifying glass that amplifies who someone already is. If you believe yourself to be good, make as much money as possible.

Laugh, a lot. Until your belly aches and your face hurts. Laugh until you have smile lines etched in your face. Don’t get botox. Lines are the side effect of a life well lived, so get wrinkly instead. When you face resistance, laugh. When you find success, laugh. In your darkest moments, laugh the hardest.

Make friends constantly. Maintain the ones you have and find others who fit seamlessly into your life. Friendship should be easy. Understand that we as humans are social creatures, and building a social network - a real-life social network - is one of the most important things we can do.

Get your heart broken, because a broken heart means you tried your best. You gave it your all. Always give it your all, love and otherwise. Fail publicly and be happy about it, because it shows that you live in the arena and don't sit on the sidelines. Let them see you cry. Authenticity is one of the greatest gifts you can give yourself. The sooner you’re able to project your inner-self outward, the sooner you find alignment, and the sooner you find contentment.

Love again. If you’re going to do something, do it with 100% commitment, whether that thing be a relationship, a business venture, or anything in between. Don’t let a lack of focus be the reason why it fails. If it does fail, be happy that you gave it your all, and get excited about the next chance you’ll have to give it your all. Know that whatever the outcome, you tried your best.

Travel everywhere, not just on a drunken Euro-trip. But also, travel on a drunken Euro-trip. If there’s one thing I can be sure of, it’s that there are as many viewpoints in the world as there are cultures, and probably more. Learn about these cultures, and learn about their values. Immerse yourself in the daily life of a life completely foreign to your own. Spend all your money and come back broke, it’s one of the best investments you can make.

Be broke at one point in your life, maybe more. Understand the bare essentials needed to live, and never forget how little you really need. Even when you end up rich and successful, rely only on those bare essentials, and treat everything else like a fleeting luxury. This doesn’t mean that you shouldn’t become wealthy, only that you remember what really matters. Being broke is one of life’s greatest lessons.

Invest your time and money on things that are greater than yourself. As you move through life, think to yourself: how can I be remembered in 100 years, 1,000 years, 10,000 years? Do those things. Legacy, whether we like it or not, becomes our greatest accomplishment, 100% of the time, every time. How will you be remembered?

Finally, be happy. It’s not rocket science. All it takes is a commitment to yourself, and an agreement to live the way in which you want to live. Don’t be afraid about "keeping up with the Joneses,” because what makes your neighbors outwardly happy won’t make you inwardly content. If happiness means living simply, do that. If happiness means selling a company for billions, do that. Whatever makes you happy, do that thing.

Only then will you have a life worth remembering.

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