Experiments on Optimal Living

/Optimal/ (adjective): The best or most favorable; the most satisfactory.

Hello! I'm Evan, a writer and entrepreneur with a background in tech and finance. I'm on a mission to design my own optimal life and share what I learn along the way. Join thousands by subscribing to my weekly optimal living newsletter and get my essential reading list free:

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Self- Improvement

Experiments, insights, and examples on how to grow or improve yourself as well as those around you.
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Business, Career & Wealth

Actionable advice on growing a business or career, plus achieving financial freedom.
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Business, Career & Wealth

& Life

Ruminations on life's greatest questions in order to better understand ourselves and the world.
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Philosophy & Life

About Me

Hey, I'm Evan, a writer, entrepreneur, and life experimenter. I've founded four companies: 2 failed, 1 succeeded, and 1 is still active. You also might see my writing in publications like Forbes or Fortune.

I spend most of my time searching for detailed insights on optimal living, testing what I’ve learned and sharing what’s worked (and what hasn’t). Join thousands by subscribing to my weekly newsletter for the latest insights:

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