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Defining "Optimal"
My name’s Evan and I’m a writer and entrepreneur with a background in technology and online publishing. I’ve spent the bulk of my career in business leadership roles, notably serving as Director of Finance for mNectar, raising $8 million in venture capital; as General Manager (GM) for fitsmallbusiness.com, managing a team of 20+ generating $6mm in annual revenue; and as the co-founder & CEO of sellingsignals.com, which was acquired by TechnologyAdvice in 2022.

I spend my time searching for actionable insights on living an optimal life, testing what I’ve learned and sharing what’s worked (and what hasn’t). Starting with a business blog in 2013, I’ve written articles, books, and screenplays on ideas meant to help people better themselves and those around them. Pragmatic topics are typically addressed via nonfiction articles or books, while abstract principles are typically expressed through scripted entertainment.

Here, you’ll find my personal articles on self-improvement, business, finance, health, and philosophy. You can also find here a running list of my TV and film projects. Check LinkedIn for more information on my career, join the community below for my latest articles, and follow my Twitter for passing thoughts.

/Optimal/ (adjective): The best or most favorable; the most satisfactory.

When discussing an “optimal life”, most believe that you mean an “optimized” life. However, while optimization and optimal are related, they aren’t the same. Rather, an optimal life is one in which you define what “the best” looks like and then optimize your life for that vision.

An optimal life means you’re living by intentional design and to the best of your abilities, bringing greater joy, satisfaction and overall meaning. I therefore spend much of my time learning, testing and sharing ways to live life more optimally. For me, optimizing for the following leads to a more enjoyable life:

  • Personal health, both physical and mental
  • Relationship with your spouse, significant other or romantic pursuits
  • Family, friends, community, and others in your sphere of influence
  • Wealth, financial security and time ownership
  • Career and the overall fulfillment it brings

I focus a lot of my efforts maximizing these life-areas. Because of this, most of the content I create relates to self-improvement, health and wellness, business and career, personal finance, and philosophy. Think of them as breadcrumbs for optimal living.

However, I caution that this is my definition of an optimal life, and I often research, experiment, and share information on topics I’m interested in for myself. I believe my own journey can help yours, but I encourage you to define optimal living for yourself, and then maximize each of your chosen areas.

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