The Motivation Field Guide

Paperback motivation field guide book

About the Book

The Motivation Field Guide is a tactical book with actionable advice on motivating yourself and others in any environment without the frill.

Within the Field Guide you’ll find:

  • Verified steps on sustainable self-motivation
  • Repeatable framework for motivating others in any situation
  • Information on what motivation is, including principles and theories

It’s a motivational manual designed for the field with tactical insights you can implement immediately. The book is currently in production and will be available in all formats soon; join the waiting list below and receive 20% off.

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Why This Book Matters

People often struggle with self-motivation as well as motivating others. Unfortunately, available information on motivation is fluffy at best and rarely provides actionable information on getting—and staying—motivated.

This is why The Motivation Field Guide was created. As a business owner and writer, I struggled with self-motivation as well as motivating the team around me through thick and thin. Most of what I read on motivation didn’t provide answers, and the people I spoke with could barely explain it, let alone knew how to spark it.

This sent me on a journey to find, test, and verify actionable steps that could be used in any situation to motivate myself and others.

The Motivation Field Guide is the result of my findings. Available soon in all formats; sign up for the waitlist and receive 20% off.

hardcover motivation field guide book

About the Author

Evan Tarver is an author, nonfiction writer and editor, screenwriter, and small business owner with a background in finance and technology.

He currently serves as General Manager (GM) for, developing long-form and actionable content that helps small business owners solve acute problems and grow their companies. Additionally, Evan builds niche content sites in topic areas like philosophy and personal finance.

Overall, the content he creates is meant to shift the way people think and encourage them to act. For more information, sign up below.

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