Addicted2Success! My people!

So glad to have you stopping by. I’m excited you’re here because I’m literally you. We’re one and the same.

My name’s Evan, and ever since 2012, I’ve been obsessed with business and entrepreneurship. Back then, I was a floundering young professional with a finance degree, crushing debt, and little else. I commuted an hour and a half one way to work a dead end job at an investment firm with no chance of becoming even the most junior of partners.

Looking for any way out, I downloaded this new Apple app called “podcasts” and desperately searched “entrepreneur.” With that, my life changed, and I don’t think I’m overstating it.

The first hit was a podcast called The Alpha Male Podcast – you might be familiar – by James Swanwick. I downloaded it, listened to an interview with the founder of Addicted2Success, and my head exploded. Just kidding. It actually took a little while to come around to this new form of content, but love it or hate it, I’ve been a follower of the Addicted2Success platform ever since.

I identified early on that owning your own business would give you the three types of wealth everyone was seeking, whether or not they actually knew it: Emotional Wealth, Time Wealth, and Location Wealth.

By maximizing these three forms of wealth, a person could truly experience life in the way it was meant to be lived: with unbridled passion and learning.

So while business is interesting and sometimes downright sexy, it’s always been a means-to-an-end: leading a life worth living.

Knowing this, I embarked on a journey I’m still on. I’ve built, or am helping build, three successful companies: one, a Series-A funded tech startup, a second, a “solo-preneurship” lifestyle business in the beginning stages of gaining some real traction, and a third, just in the infancy of its business lifecycle.

But again, all three of these businesses came from the frame of “building a lifestyle I want.” That’s what entrepreneurship is: living a life in the way you see fit.

My hope is that by reading the book above, it will set a spark in motion that will send you on your own unique path to business ownership.

The tips, tricks, guidelines, and resources, found here in this book, are all things tried and tested by yours truly. I’ve figured out what works, what doesn’t, and most importantly, how to put your own spin on old principles.

Use this book as a reference guide. Life is not one that can be followed with a strict playbook. Rather, life is one that is made up of a mosaic of knowledge and understanding. I hope that this becomes one of the corner pieces of your mosaic.


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