The Entrepreneurial Juggling Act

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Man, juggling a full-time job with my goal of becoming an entrepreneur has already been tough. For those of you who don't know, I currently work a 9-5 job as a money manager, and my commute is roughly 3 hours round trip. The job itself isn't bad. I have an understanding boss, a relaxed work environment, and job security (what is job security anyway?).

The commute, however, is another story. I'm sure many of you know exactly what I'm talking about: the long hours in a car, the physical toll it takes on your body, the money spent on gas and money spent on keeping your car in working order. BUT, there is no reason to complain. As Zig Ziglar said, a long commute isn't a burden but is rather an opportunity to attend "Automobile University." A long commute gives you the opportunity to consume podcasts, audio books, and other audio content that will help you become better at whatever it is you want to become better in.

Since this is a forum for aspiring entrepreneurs, I think it's important to note that although we may have a day job we are trying to leave, we should first be happy that we have a day job. Be happy that you have the opportunity to sharpen skills that may help in your pursuit toward your end-goal. My commute is a drag, but I use it as an opportunity to hone my business skills and to be inspired by stories of success. If there is something in your life that you are unhappy about, use it as a learning experience so that you will be better prepared to achieve your goals.

In my free time - post work and post commute - I have been continuing to write articles for my niche site. I've decided to write a total of 6 articles that support the search term "Mac vs PC." These articles include:

- Apps vs Programs
- Operating systems
- Computer Security
- Hardware and Aesthetics
- Price
- Customer Service

The idea here is to compare and contrast the attributes of a Mac and a PC in regard to the topics above. My hope is that this site will become a consumer information site where people deciding between a Mac and a PC can use it to make an informed purchasing decision. Again, I have no idea if this will actually work, but it's definitely worth a try. This is my first attempt at entrepreneurship and I'm sure it will take many more attempts before I can call myself a successful entrepreneur. I will finish writing these niche articles by Friday with the goal of having a wordpress website up and running by this weekend - chalk full of killer content on the topic "Mac vs PC."

I am going to end this post with something I have been mulling over. A lot of aspiring entrepreneurs out there are attempting to become entrepreneurs by creating niche sites that generate ad revenue. They try to achieve this ad revenue by ranking high in Google searches, effectively having Google do their marketing for them.

But what if Google changes the way they rank websites? What if revenue from ads start to decline? What if someone creates a website that outranks theirs? Sometimes I think that in a world of instant satisfaction and get rich quick schemes, we have lost sight of the essence of business. I believe that a successful business - and one you can be proud of - really comes down to sustainability and scalability. With niche sites, regardless of how good you are at SEO, neither of these are achieved.

Granted, I am creating a niche site regardless of what I just said, but It's definitely something to think about moving forward. Sustainability and scalability.


- Make sure you are balancing your work life with your desire to be an entrepreneur. Decreased performance at your day job won't help you
- View every obstacle as an opportunity to gain skills
- Make sure you attend Automobile University on a regular basis
- When you are thinking about becoming an entrepreneur, make sure you are focusing on sustainability and scalability
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