When is Your Future? Create Your Future in the Present

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Quick Takes:

  • "The future" is always spoken about as some distant point in time
  • We also speak of the future as when we'll finally live our ideal life
  • But the future is any point in time that proceeds this moment
  • The future, both bad and good, is a necessity for us to achieve our goals
  • Don't wait for the future in order to live your ideal life, live it today!

It’s funny that we - especially I - always talk about the future as a point in time when everything will be ok. “Future,” as we call it, is when the stars align and we realize the vision for our life. But isn’t the future every moment in time that proceeds this one?

There! We just passed through a future moment. It became the present for almost no time at all (and almost all the time in the world) and is now the past.

When we say future, what we mean is our ideal life. We don’t mean the future in general, and here’s why:

As we move toward our ideal life, we’re going to have to slog through some shit. We’ll have to cut down some weeds to clear a path. We don’t want to consider that downside as part of our vision, but isn’t that the future, too?

Like the quote says, “we are the sum of the obstacles we overcome."

So, if we’re the sum of our vanquished adversity, then no matter what the future holds, we should be looking forward to it. If it’s through forward process that we can grow and change, then the future is always bright.

What’s that cheesy quote that’s exactly right? Oh yeah, “there are no big decisions, only new adventures."

Love it.

We should think of the future as now. We shouldn’t be waiting until “tomorrow” to live the life we want. Chances are the life we want is going to require some work, so it’s best we get started now.

The work is necessary. It can’t be avoided. It’s time to start.

The future is now because even if your ultimate goals will take years to accomplish, they don’t get accomplished in one year. It’s not like your ten year goal is accomplished from day one to day 365 of year ten. It’s a process that’s gradually achieved over the entire ten years.

So the future is necessary, no matter what it brings.

Which means we should stop waiting around for the future to come to us. We need to live our future every day. To achieve the vision of our future, we need be the vision of our future.

Does your vision include an amazing man or woman by your side? Well, don’t sit around waiting to “become the person who deserves someone like that,” and don’t lament that you can’t find someone up to your ideal standards. Start meeting people, today.

Live as if you were the successful person you know you can be, and be confident in your interactions with people. Seek interesting conversations and motivated friends. Always look to expand your network. Through this “fake it ’til you make it” manifestation of your ideal life, chances are you’ll meet the person you envision.

How bout a successful business, does your vision include that? Don’t sit around waiting until you’re a successful business person to rub elbows with influencers. Start now. Act on that idea you’ve been thinking about. Join entrepreneur meetup groups. Start a mastermind with a few people who also are trying to start successful businesses.

Live like you are the person at the other end of your vision. Because, as simple as it sounds, you’ll become that person. It’s not fate but more of a self fulfilling prophesy, which is fine: it doesn’t matter what you believe, only that your belief gets you there.

So what does this all mean? It means that we shouldn’t wait to become the person we want. We should be that person. Don’t wait for the future to happen, make the future happen.

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